Best Choice SCHAIRS

The Smart Choice for Your Life

As CEO of SCHAIRS I am very pleased to give my sincere greetings
to our clients throughout the world.

SUNGYONG Co., Ltd., has constructed the one-stop system that enhances manufacturing capability from planning/design to the finished product, and we meet the various tastes of our clients with our creativity and knowhow accumulated for over twenty-four years. In 1989, we set up the goal of our corporate, “To challenge the top of the global market of chairs with our SCHAIRS Chair featuring the aspects of health as well as function.”

SCHAIRS Co., Ltd. is a young corporation that continuously endeavors to research and develop future-oriented design and the world’s best quality to optimize our customer’s satisfaction. We currently sell SCHAIRS Chairs at domestic and online stores, and supply our products to Korean government offices and military procurement agency. SCHAIRS chairs have been exported to 12 countries in the world including U.S.A., India, Saudi Arabia and so forth. SCHAIRS has also established a research center to provide our clients with more advanced products through the development of future-oriented designs and enhanced quality testing.

“SCHAIRS creates the best quality and services based on our competent staff and technology.”